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Welcome to my Vintage Barbie & Collectibles Site.  Hope you enjoy my site, and if you need information on collecting and restoring Barbies, you may find some answers here.  I have been collecting Barbie dolls in seriousness for about 14 years.  Always I have been interested in vintage things since my grandmother had a house full of them when I was growing up.  Hopefully, some of my wanderings, and collecting, and restoring will prove valuable for those of you with the same interests.




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One of my first Flash animations, "Fish 'n' Ball" and it keeps me in good practice.

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Red Bubblecut Barbie 1962

Black Barbie Case, 1962, Solo in the Spotlight

Rare Pink & Blue Case, 1962

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Blonde Ponytail #4/5 Transitional

Vintage Group, Midge, Allan, Barbie, plus clothing

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