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It seems I learn something new daily about antiques, vintage items, history, and auctions.   There is so much to learn that boredom is impossible. I say having an interest or hobby is the way to stay young. Newly retired people sit in front of the TV set all day and wonder why they are unhappy.  Those with a hobby, or interest such as genealogy, are never bored, and they wake up ready to embrace a new day.  Travel is always a good thing, and also reading books.  Having multiple interests will make sure you never run out of material.  When I started collecting things, which actually started a long time ago, it was something new, but since I worked, couldn't find much time to keep up with it.  Then I retired, and my collecting excursions took off, and I found things never before thought I would have.  It's been a blessing to me.  I have even gotten some other people interested in collecting, and with our economy, it seems the charity thrift shops have taken off like never before.



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