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So many interests and so little time! I collect various things, sew, crochet, machine embroidery, read, play my Hammond A-102, take care of my Dandie Dinmont Terriers, my two cats, baby-sit our son's dog, garden, and tend to the Koi pond in our backyard. This is what retirement is all about, staying busy, and keeping happy. Boredom is not an option. We have taken a pause from some of our traveling, for now. My special interest in collecting are the ceramics and glass pieces. Things change. Sometimes my interest in Barbie collecting picks up, and then maybe the porcelain doll collection. Lately, I've found some interesting lamps, and bought them to decorate my house with. Each week seems to be different, and this is the way I like it.

Of course, there are always a few bumps in the road to accomplishing anything, but the goal is well worth the effort.




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