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Putting a pause on my collectibles for awhile. Now I have a new sewing machine, which is a Husqvarna (HoosVARna) Viking Diamond Royale embroidery & sewing machine. The projects are endless here.


Husqvarna VIking Diamond Royale

I love to do embroidery, and love it even more to have a beautiful machine do it. I tried the regular sewing on this machine just this morning, and found it to be the best machine I've ever sewn on! It handles like a dream. The embroidery is just beautiful on top of that.

First Design made on new Dimaond Royale

The velvet stitch. I just learned how to do this yesterday!



Calvin, Master of the Universe

My Vaccine Damaged Cat


Simon, our Little Bit






Barbie animation








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Tuesday, October 21, 2014 1:31 PM

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